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Elevate your tea-drinking moments with our Yunomi Tea Cup, where beauty, craftsmanship, and sensation converge. 


As you take a sip, feel the smoothness of the glossy glaze adorning the edge of the cup, caressing your lips with every touch. The meticulously crafted finish enhances your drinking pleasure, creating a seamless and pleasurable connection between you and your tea.

Adding to its allure, the body of the tea cup boasts a distinctively rough texture, adding a tactile dimension that sets it apart. This textured surface reflects the rich history of Japanese ceramics and adds a touch of authenticity to your tea-drinking rituals.

Wabi Sabi Cup

SKU: TC002
Excluding GST
  • Origin: Tokiwa in Japan

    Material / component: porcelain

    Measurement : 7.8 x 5.7cm

    Capacity: 180cc


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