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Experience the enchantment of Mt. Fuji in a cup. This exquisite snow-capped wonder comes alive when the cup is turned upside down, revealing a breathtaking scene. Embodying Japan's sacred heritage, Mt. Fuji has captivated hearts for centuries. Crafted by hand with meticulous care, this glassware is a true testament to Japanese artistry. Delight your senses with this unique cup, perfect for admiring and savoring your favorite beverage. Discover the magic of handmade glassware from Japan.


Presented in an elegant wooden box.


Please note: not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use.


Cup dimensions: 67x67x46mm, 35ml, 93g.
Wooden box dimensions: 156x82x61mm, 287g. 

Mt. Fuji Sake Cups

Excluding GST
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