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Introducing our Matcha Mastery Infusion Set, a captivating trio of matcha teas designed to dispel the common misconception that matcha is a monolithic flavor. Matcha, in its true essence, is a tea powder created from various tea leaves, offering a spectrum of diverse tastes. In this elegantly designed collection, you'll discover three small tins of matcha, each representing a unique facet of this versatile tea.


**Classic Green Tea Matcha:** The journey begins with pure matcha, a vibrant green elixir that captures the essence of traditional Japanese tea. It offers a harmonious blend of sweetness and earthiness, with an inviting vegetal aroma.


**Roasted Green Tea Matcha - Hojicha:** Venture into a world of roasted flavors with our Hojicha-infused matcha. This matcha showcases a toasty, nutty profile and a soothing amber hue, delivering a captivating aroma of smokiness and warmth.


**Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea Matcha - Genmaicha:** Experience the fusion of Genmaicha and matcha. The matcha boasts a delightful nutty undertone, while the scent combines toasted rice and roasted tea leaves.


The Matcha Mastery Infusion Set is an invitation to explore the diverse aromas and flavors of Japanese green tea, offering an educational journey that corrects the notion of matcha being a single flavor. It's perfect for both enthusiasts and newcomers, immersing you in the art of matcha infusion and revealing the fascinating world of matcha's versatility.

Matcha Mastery Infusion Set

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