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Experience the art of fusion tea with our Hana Hana Tea Tasting Gift Set. Featuring a curated selection of premium mixed loose-leaf teas, this set is perfect for those looking to discover new flavors and expand their tea palate. 


Japanese fusion teas offer a unique and exciting twist on traditional Japanese tea, combining new flavors and ingredients to create a delightful sensory experience.


Inside the beautiful tea set:

5 tea-tasting tubes + 2 cherry Blossom tea spoons


Tea flovours are included 5 out of the below flavours. The styles will be variable according to the season.

Ingrediants: Organic Sencha (premium green tea), Jasmine Flower
Origin: Leaf - Japan, Flowers- China
Benefits: Reducing cholesterol & fat, calming, weight loss
Flavor: grassy with subtle floral notes, very Zen after taste~!
Brewing: Cold & Hot (70-80°C)


Ingrediants: Roasted Green Tea, Rose Buds & Petals
Origin: Leaf - Japan, Flowers- China
Benefits: the immune system booster, promotes eye health. The phenolic acid in buckwheat tea is beneficial for regulating digestion and reducing inflammation in the intestine. 
Flavor: slightly smoky leafy base with distinct notes of cocoa; also mild floral flavor with a slight hint of sweetness

Brewing: Cold & Hot (75-85°C)



Ingrediants: Organic Sencha (Premium green tea), Osmanthus Flowers
Origin: Leaf - Japan, Flowers- China
Benefits: skin improvement, detoxation, reducing thick saliva in the throat
Flavor: delicate fruity-floral apricot aroma, while having a taste ranging from bittersweet to sweet-sour



Ingrediants: Rose Buds
Origin: China
Benefits: reduction in period-related cramping, bloating, and pain, deep relaxation

Features: Great add-on ingredient for DIY beverages from tea to cocktails
Flavor: light, subtle, and floral



Ingrediants: Organic Butterfly Pea Flowers
Origin: Thai
Benefits: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Features: Magical flowers to change all kind of beverages into Aoi (Blue); or Purple with citrus juice or acids. Just simply add into the drinks and wait for a minite to see the transformation!
Flavor: mild earthy taste



Ingrediants: Lavender, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Rose Petals
Origin: China
Benefits: better sleep
Flavor: Mixed floral herbal favour


SKU: TS002
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  • Experience the ultimate tea tasting journey with our Hana Hana Tea Tasting Gift Set. From earthy and robust to light and floral, this set includes a variety of teas to suit every taste and mood.

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