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Golden Drops is originally named as Sobacha. It is often served as a refreshing and soothing beverage in Japan, particularly during the hot summer months. It is also sometimes used as a base for other drinks, such as cocktails or lattes. According to our customer's reaction from tea-tasting, Golden Drops has been widely accepted by foreigners with its nutty, toasty flavor and slightly sweet aroma.


In Japan, sobacha has a long history and is often associated with health and wellness. Legend has it that the tea was first introduced to Japan by a Zen master who had traveled to China and was impressed by the health benefits of buckwheat tea.


According to the story, the Zen master was traveling through China when he came across a group of people who were living to a ripe old age, despite their harsh living conditions. When he asked them about the secret to their longevity, they told him about a tea made from roasted buckwheat groats. Intrigued, the Zen master brought the tea back to Japan, where it became known as sobacha.



: : High in Antioxidants
Sobacha is a rich source of antioxidants, which help to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Antioxidants have been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.


: : Improving Digestion
Sobacha contains fiber compounds that have been shown to improve digestion and alleviate digestive symptoms such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. 


: : Reducing Inflammation
Some studies suggest that sobacha may have anti-inflammatory effects, which could help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as arthritis and heart disease.


: : Lowering Cholesterol
Buckwheat groats contain flavonoids, which have been shown to have cholesterol-lowering effects. This could help to reduce the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.


: : Blood Sugar Control
Its low glycemic index can help to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes in insulin. This could be beneficial for people with diabetes or those at risk of developing the condition.



 It is typically brewed by steeping the roasted buckwheat groats in hot water for several minutes, then straining out the solids. The resulting tea is a light brown color and can be enjoyed hot or cold.




Buckwheat tea is generally considered safe for pregnant women and children to consume in moderation. However, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider before adding sobacha to your diet during pregnancy to ensure that it is safe for your individual circumstances.


Excluding GST
  • Ingrediants: Roasted Buckwheat

    Origin: Japan

    Flavor: dry, delicious nutty, toasty earthy taste

    Volumn: 30g

    Brewing: Cold & Hot (100°C)

    Benefits: The phenolic acid in buckwheat tea is beneficial for regulating digestion and reducing inflammation in the intestine. 


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