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Sobacha, a comforting tea perfect for any time of day. Roasted buckwheat kernels provide a uniquely nutty and toasty flavor profile, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort.


: : Winter Mornings & Nights

Enjoy it as a cozy morning companion or a soothing evening treat. Elevate your tea experience with Sobacha. Simply steep the roasted buckwheat kernels in hot water for a nutty, toasty brew that warms your soul. 


: : Summer Hot Days

Create a cold sobacha with ice cubes and enjoy the soothing flavors as it quenches your thirst on a hot day.



Sobacha can also be incorporated into summer mocktails or cocktails for a unique twist. Its nutty and toasty undertones can add depth and complexity to your beverage creations. Consider mixing it with citrus juices, ginger ale, or soda water to create a delightful and cooling fusion drink.



One popular way to enjoy Sobacha in the summer is to make it into a cold brew. Simply add roasted buckwheat kernels to a pitcher of cold water and let it steep in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. The result is a light and crisp infusion that can be served over ice, garnished with a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint for an extra refreshing touch.



A tea tin with double lids is a traditional Japanese container for storing loose-leaf tea. The double lids create a seal to maintain the tea's freshness and aroma, and the tin is reusable, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. It embodies the spirit of Japanese tea culture and is a practical, attractive item for tea lovers who value tradition and sustainability.


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  • Ingrediants: Roast Buckwheat

    Origin: Japan

    Volumn: 70 grams in tins ; 200 grams in Refill Package

    Flavor: A well balance between toasty and nutty taste, warm

    Benefits: Ovulation & Fertility, Super Pregnancy Food, Delightful Twist With Whisky, Exquisite Hot or Cold Beverage For All Seasons

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