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"Zen Wisdom for the Anxious" by Shinsuke Hosokawa is your serene guide in a hectic world. Explore timeless Zen teachings to calm your mind, ease anxiety(不安), and find serenity (静けさ) in the present.


🌿 Embrace Inner Peace: In this insightful book, Hosokawa offers practical guidance rooted in Zen philosophy to help you navigate anxiety and find stillness within.


🌟 Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions: Hosokawa seamlessly blends ancient Zen wisdom with contemporary insights, providing actionable advice that's relevant to the challenges of our fast-paced world.


📚 Mindful Living: Discover the art of mindful living through accessible practices and teachings. "Zen Wisdom for the Anxious" empowers you to create a life marked by clarity, purpose, and profound tranquility.


🌸 Authenticity and Acceptance: Explore the transformative power of self-acceptance and authenticity. Hosokawa's compassionate approach will help you embrace your true self and find peace in your imperfections.


🔑 Practical Tools: This book equips you with a toolkit of Zen-inspired techniques to manage anxiety, reduce stress, and regain control over your life. Find balance and harmony as you embark on your journey to inner calm (内なる静けさ).


🌎 Universal Wisdom: Whether you're new to Zen or a seasoned practitioner, "Zen Wisdom for the Anxious" offers wisdom that transcends backgrounds and beliefs. It's a timeless guide for anyone seeking relief from anxiety.


Don't let anxiety hold you back from the life you deserve. Dive into "Zen Wisdom for the Anxious" and discover the path to a more peaceful, centered, and anxiety-free existence. Order your copy today and experience the transformative power of Zen wisdom.

Zen Wisdomfor the Anxious

SKU: 9784805315736
Excluding GST
  • Format: Hardcover, Jacketed

    Content: 52 Zen sayings; b&w illustrations

    Number of Pages: 224

    Trim Size: 6 X 9

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